Thursday, 20 March 2008

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Another thing while I am venting, I receive at least 10 robo calls a day from the Northwest Arkansas Times wanting to sign me up as a subscriber, I tell them I have been a subscriber for years and they hang up. Well I tell you within 1 or 2 hours they will call back, I have told them not to call me again, but they do anyway. You think they would check their records before they bother people who already subscribe. One way for the News to cut cost is stop this waste of time and money.

The letter advised some newspapers charge $36.00 per month for home delivery. I get the paper thrown in my drive way everyday, I have contacted the paper more Vans Gilbert Crockett Pro Navy

Here are the facts. Springdale is the second safest city in NWA behind Bentonville (only comparing the big 4). crime rates per 1000 residents (lower is better). Total index (100 is safest so higher is better).

than once trying to get this stopped. I use the on line service and never open the paper that is delivered, I just put it in the trash. Customer service advised the home delivery can Vans White be stopped and even if it did it would cost the same as I am paying now, go figure.

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Vans White

Vans White

Ed was a gentle man who sent out powerful and encouraging e mails to our group even in his own pain.

Information from the media does not present a true picture of our friend, Ed Abel. The reporting is presented as Vans Gum Sole Blue

Vans White

Vans White

fact. One friend expressed it well: "It is RUDE and CRUDE to diminish someone life to a couple of comments by a neighbor!" Another said, "Ed was a faithful good man. A personal comment made by that individual on TV news was very disrespectful. Ed was a dear friend and will be missed.".

I might note that yesterday I received a letter from the Morning News that advised my subscription cost will be going from $12.00 a month to $23.00 a month. The price more than doubled. The letter had verbiage as to why the cost had went up, revenues are down, home delivery cost have increased, and so on.

Why would the News print this crap the neighbors said about this poor man. Why would the News print innuendo, rumors, and hatefull remarks about this victim. It seems the News has took more time talking to people about this poor man than they have in regards to the take over that is going on in Tontitown. The police released no further details, but that didn stop the News from besmirching this poor man. Shame on you Morning News.

The letters final sentence stated " We appreciate you for making us part of your day " how nice. The thing is I don mind paying it not the money, it the lack of quality and timelessness of Skechers Black Memory Foam

E mail from Ed sent to his friends August 1, 2013 on the first anniversary of his wife death. Thank you all for your prayers and your friendship over the past year. It has been a tough year indeed and I can frankly say without such good friends and all of your prayers I don't think I could have made it this far. Your friend in Christ, Eddie

Springdale Man Found Dead

Some have judged him from the cover they saw and never opened the book. They didn know his situation. Had they looked inside, they would have found a special friend.

We are heartbroken and grieving this morning as his church family. Please lift up his brother and the many forever family around him here at church that are grieving this loss. He was loved so much.

the news. Friday the news reported a short article on the Bethel Hieghts Chief of Police being put on administrative leave for a unknown reason. The news as far as I can tell has never printed a follow up on this, however it has been all over the Television local news as to why he was put on leave.

Several of those who knew Eddie have expressed their thoughts about their dear friend.

The comments are accurate. The news is Idiot for writing about a neighbor who didn know the man at all. His death has stunned and shocked all that knows him personally. He was a "golden soul" he worked the sound system at Fellowship Bible church in rogers volunteer, of course; his wife had passed a way a year ago and he was just beginning to make a new life for himself and caring for her for many years. He was very smart and brilliant. and the paper is Further more Idiot for printing the full name of a person the phone call was made to while the Killers are Still Loose!!!

Eddie had a "golden soul". We were blessed that we knew him. I invited him out for a neighborhood gathering. I asked him to say the blessing. He said it in Hebrew, then English!! He was a student of God Word and often read the Bible in Hebrew.

The letter bragged about journalistic quality and that they are providing exclusive, relevant, and important news. Boy you can see these qualities just by reading this article, the things they printed about this poor man shows none of these qualities.

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The loss is so huge, it hard to wrap your mind around but I had to keep going back to how God blessed each one of us with the of Ed to our group this past year and how God allowed each of us to have healing input into Ed life and pain over the loss of Peg. Ed gave so freely of his time to help others with their computer problems, with moving, with car repair or home projects. He worked for years with computers and was very knowledgeable on computers and related systems.

Vans White

Vans White

Vans White

Vans White

The letter didn advise if I would receive anything extra for my money, but did say I would have access to all of their websites. What the letter didn say was that I would have to pay extra for these sites.

I don know if I am going to pay the increase or not I will have to think about it for a while. I don know how many people will be effected by this increase, my guess it is thousands, do the math and figure what is going on for yourself. If you are going to base any opinion on "news" reporting found in NWA, then you should have your head examined.

Someone from out of state wrote: "He was one hell of a guy and a real pleasure to be with."

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