Thursday, 20 March 2008

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Audience members signed declarations Mbt Kisumu 38

"Is it too late to turn this around?" business owner Dan MacMillan asked. "I think we can get together and see what we can do to keep this place alive."

Legally, the Town of Springhill was not required to hold consultations or a plebiscite with the public before making the decision to make application to dissolve the town with the Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board. Now the town and the municipality are working with a transition coordinator to determine how Springhill will be governed under a new form of government beginning April 2015.

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Springhill citizens rally against dissolution process

Are Vladimir Scott and Vladimir Casey going to pay the debt? Are they Skechers Twinkle Toes Boots

They didn't save Springhill when they were elected and they're not going to save it now.

"We have governed ourselves up to now. Why, now, are we inferior?" citizen Howard Spence said.

they agree with the committee proceeding on their behalf, and from there the forms will be distributed throughout the community for more to sign. Moreover, Scott said, anyone who wants to be a member of the committee is encouraged to join, especially those with experience in law and accounting.

"I've seen the democratic process diminish in government on so many levels, but this one takes the cake," Brookdale resident and former area MP Bill Casey said. "This is a simple problem where the expenses were too high and maybe the revenues were too low they [the Town of Springhill] might think they were doing the right thing, but it sure doesn't seem like the democratic process."

With the agreement of the audience in attendance, the 12 member concerned citizens group was given the audience's assention to act as a formal body and apply for intervener status at the NSUARB hearing on the town's dissolution. As of Wednesday, Murray Scott said, the NSUARB says it has yet to receive that application.

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In order to take that step, however, the citizens need the town's financials, which hasn't happened. Mayor and Council agreed to hold a public meeting to provide more information on the decision to dissolve the town, but not until May 15. That announcement was made after the concerned citizens announced their meeting for May 1st.

So I see Saint Scott has brought Saint Casey into the process.

going to pay for the cops who suddenly, out of nowhere, suddenly seem interested in protecting and serving the public after 50 years of protecting nothing but their own interest?

the democratic process, when he and Scott, although they don't have one measly vote behind them, have suddenly declared themselves the mayors of Springhill.

As the Church Lady says: "Isn't that Special."

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It's hilarious how Casey talks about the diminishment of Vans Leather High Tops

Many problems solve themselves If interventionist busybodies would control their impulsive tendencies to somehow stop these solutions from being brought about on their own. When one is in debt beyond any chance of repayment you tell the creditors immediately, you don't hide it or pass the debt on to others. The Town has no way to pay off its debts and it must lower taxes to restart its economy. The politicians are simply whipping up angry mobs to prevent both of these needed things. If one looks closely any political "solution" is simply doing more of what lead to disaster in the first place.

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A general consensus began to form with the crowd of 300 plus citizens that if they were given the financial information the town used to decide to dissolve other options could have been presented or explored.

Wow, little harsh there SOB. I can't see any reason why someone would compare Bill Casey and Murry Scott to a communist dictator. Obviously you're not a fan of either of these men but that just doesn't make any sense. I don't believe it was the responsibility of either of these men to save Springhill while they were in office. When something positive happens to a town while there MP or MLA is in power, the rest of the province screams patronage. Springhill did exactly that concerning the new jail they felt should be built in their town. I don't think anyone can really make a stand until all the ducks are lined up for everyone to see. This means total transparency on behalf of the council and Mayor. If council and the Mayor are elected to represent the citizens, should they not listen to and provide information to those citizens? I believe that would be the democratic process. I'm not making a stand either way on this topic because not enough is known yet. I will say this though, Springhill is about to celebrate 125 years of being a town and that is something to be proud of. To do this they have survived two wars, three mine disasters and most of Main Street burning to the ground twice. Springhiller's are fighters by nature and if there is a way to save the town, it will happen in due course. Name calling isn't going to solve anything.

"It's seem the town has thrown their hands up and said the town can't be saved whereas everyone here is willing to put their shoulders to the grindstone," John Mont, whose late father Bill Mont was one of the town's longest serving mayors before retiring from politics in 2004.

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"We'll continue to meet with mayor and council before then and keep asking for the information we need," Vans Custom Authentic Murray Scott said. "We don't want to create a rift. We just want the opportunity to do what's right for Springhill."

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A group of concerned citizens lead by former MLA Murray Scott called for a public meeting at the town owned community centre, inviting taxpayers to join them and raise their concerns about Mayor Max Snow and council's decision to announce the dissolution of the town in March. Chief among their concerns was the lack of public consultation and the financial documentation used to determine dissolution as the best course for the community, and their sentiment was shared not only by fellow Springhill ratepayers, but residents under the umbrella of the Municipality of Cumberland County.

The Town of Springhill will hold its public meeting on May 15 at the same community centre and all who attended the concerned citizens were encourage to show up in the same numbers.

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