Thursday, 20 March 2008

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be better off."

There is a chance the closure is only temporary, Wroblewski said.

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"It will probably reopen down the road" she said, if a partner, like the village or the park district, is found.

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Mbt Shoes Retailers Uk

Mbt Shoes Retailers Uk

Many called the move "heartbreaking" and thought they were being targeted for budget cuts because they are young and have no voice. Tenorio and others said Mbt Shoes Retailers Uk they have collected 500 signatures to try to keep the facility open, but are not sure what kind of impact it will have.

"I've grown to love coming here," the 17 year old said, fired up with emotion. "You feel like a part of a family. The younger kids look up to the older kids and the counselors. Vans Era Pro Suede

Mbt Shoes Retailers Uk

Wroblewski said, since the move has been announced, people have incorrectly thought those needing services would need to go to Elk Grove Village, but the Kenneth Young Center will be operating out of the Schaumburg Township building for local services.

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Like the dozens of other teenagers who go to the center, she hangs out with friends, meet new people and play games. She sees the group as a family, one she feels is now being broken up.

But that didn't matter to the group of teenagers who were hanging out at the center Friday evening, one of the last nights the center would be open. A large sign hung on the door informing them of the closure, and they said they didn't know until they read about it in the newspaper.

They are closing down our family."

Teens reacted with dismay Friday evening at the announcement that Schaumburg Township officials will be closing the Spectrum Teen Center, while outsourcing youth services to the Elk Grove based Kenneth Young Center. The township announced this week they will be closing the center March 14 and have approved an agreement with the Kenneth Young Center to boost services to teenagers. The Spectrum Teen Center offers recreational activities, youth counseling and outreach services.

"I'm really bummed," he said. "It's not fair. My little sister won't have the chance to come here. I hate it. I think it's a big mistake."

"A lot of those services aren't currently available," Bruski said. "Also, these are evidence based and more current, and I believe they are more effective. I believe the people of Schaumburg are going to Vans Old Skool Girl

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The Vogelei Teen Center welcomes any teenager displaced by the closing of the Schaumburg Township Spectrum Teen Center.

"This is strictly a business decision," said Mary Wroblewski, the township supervisor. "It has nothing to do with the quality of the services that were being provided. It's about the money to be saved and the programs we offer to our residents."

"This place has been a home to me and these kids," she said. "I care a lot about them. They need a place where they can mingle Mbt Shoes Shops In London

Mbt Shoes Retailers Uk

Spectrum Teen Center closure

Paid staff members said they were asked not to comment to reporters, but volunteer Helen Logothetis argued closing the center is counterproductive because many will no longer have a safe place to go, which might ultimately cause problems for police when teens have nothing to do and are just "on the streets."

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with friends instead of during drugs, doing bad things."

As for the recreational aspects of the teen center, Wroblewski said both villages, Hoffman Estates and Schaumburg, have similar facilities. The Schaumburg Township District Library is also expanding its teen center.

The move will result in the elimination of 17 full and part time employees. The Kenneth Young Center will be hiring about 10 full time employees to render services for Schaumburg Township, officials said. Wroblewski said they do not have an exact figure on how much money will be saved, but said it is in the "hundreds of thousands."

Since September, Hoffman Estates teenager Lauren Tenorio has been regularly going to the Schaumburg Township Spectrum Teen Center.

At Vogelei, teens can drop in to play pool, relax with friends, watch TV, talk with staff and join groups on issues such as loss, music and decision making.

"I guess if we have to, we can hang out at a friend's house," he said. "But then we can only have two or three people, not a large group."

Some of the older teens, like 19 year old John Gricius of Hoffman Estates, said they were more concerned about the younger generations.

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Meanwhile Kenneth Young Center CEO Mitch Bruski said they will be able to provide more types of services at a savings to the township. For example, they will be providing substance abuse assistance, services for Spanish speaking families and outreach to parents with children 3 years old or younger to prevent future problems.

Many of the teens, however, dismissed that idea. Some said they come to Spectrum because it is close to home and they don't have transportation to get elsewhere. Alex Chiga, a 17 year old Schaumburg resident, said they have grown connected with the other teenagers and the counselors, so going elsewhere would effectively break them up.

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