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by then.

Option 1 was for the status quo.

"That option was never afforded to the Port Hope Police, and I wondered why. When this started, it was supposed to be an apples to apples costing," Turck said.

Option 3 was for the OPP to police both wards. schedule.

In advance of the meeting, he added, councillors are formulating their own questions that they hope will clarify the situation.

Mbt Shoes 2017

In other words, Turck paraphrased, regardless of what you think, the stand alone force would be too expensive.

"I don't believe this would happen with our own municipal force. Are we going to charge ourselves? I think not. When you own your own service, you still have some input," Turck responded.

"Port Hope is a stand alone station. Therefore, I assumed we should be getting a costing on a stand alone station similar to Quinte West, where you have your own detachment, your own officers who stay in your area, your own detachment commander. That, to me, is what would be an apples to apples costing."

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Option 2 was for the Port Hope municipal force to police Ward 1 and Ward 2.

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Mbt Shoes 2017

"OPP or municipal force, everyone's crying ouch," he reported.

"Whether it's OPP or municipal, your cost savings could be short term. The OPP superintendent said the Premier's Office has told them they have to be self sustaining by 2014. That Mbt Shoes 2017 means support services you can get now, you might have to pay for Vans Running

"I have been accused of being old school and paying more when something is cheaper at a big box store. But when I have a problem, I can go back locally and have it resolved right there and then.

"The second time around, we asked for the above municipal force costings. We only received partial costings the communication section had not been included. However KMPG, again in the 11th hour, stated some suggestions: 'PHPS dispatch could be outsourced. Not examined in detail as outside mandate and one approach rejected in past, but all services (911, police, fire, works) could be outsourced for $215,500 per year as compared to 2011 budget of $558,600 or actual costs of $633,987, however there would be some one time severance costs,'" he quoted from the KPMG report.

For Turck, remarks he heard at an April conference of Police Service Boards in Ottawa were very enlightening.

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KPMG's last minute report immediately prior to the July 17 vote did not satisfy Turck's concerns.

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"Who told them that? That should be a decision for the councillors to make," he said.

"I think my original thing is still true: pride of ownership is always going to cost more, but why not work with what you have to improve upon it before jumping the other way?

Though Port Hope Council voted four to three to go with municipality wide OPP policing in a July 17 Committee of the Whole meeting, Turck said this week, that vote serves only as a recommendation to Council as it goes into session next month. Even one councillor changing his or her vote could make the difference.

"Mr. Austin was really just expanding upon what (Councillor Mary Lou Ellis) has stated with the addition to that resolution that we explore all costing issues. Council will be meeting with the Police Services Board Aug. 14 to go over some of these ideas. There is that opportunity," Turck said.

Turck said the study's scenarios were not a matter of what is known as comparing apples to apples.

"We have had 183 years of service by the Port Hope Police Service. You just don't disband it overnight over dollars and cents."

Comments surfaced last week, during a public meeting on the issue held at the Port Hope Lions Centre, about Councillor Rick Austin's urging the Port Hope Police Service Mbt Shoes Mens

Speak out before it's too late

"Once you go OPP, the only option is to sign the cheque or reduce your level of service. The residents of Port Hope are aware of this and, I feel, want the municipal force option," Turck said.

The input and accountability afforded by retaining the municipal force become more important, he said, when you consider that the police services board under an OPP force would no longer negotiate labour contracts or develop management policies.

Still disturbed by the failure of the consultant, KPMG, to provide an apples to apples policing study that he feels accurately compares OPP service with the Port Hope municipal force, Councillor David Turck is urging supporters of the Port Hope Police Service to make their feelings known prior to Council's final decision on municipal policing Sept. 11.

He quoted from the consultant's document, Responses to the Final Report: "Regardless of what you call it, proposal meets requirements and meets existing service level to Port Hope residents and businesses. Stand alone detachment would increase costs, reduce capacity to deal with major issues, and reduce the flexibility to adjust service levels when required the same as a municipal force."

Mbt Shoes 2017

restraint lead to changes for these services?' was, 'NOT YET CLEAR, but impact likely the same under either option,'" he read from the report.

KPMG provided one costing for the Port Hope municipal force to police Wards 1 and 2, but then provided an additional two costing proposals for the OPP, Turck said. Why wasn't the Port Hope Police Service asked for these additional costings at the same time? he wondered.

to sharpen its own pencils and present a case for how it could produce savings for the municipality even though he was one of the four councillors voting in favour of the OPP July 17.

"KPMG's response to the question, 'Will provincial Mbt Shoes Walking On A Cloud

Mbt Shoes 2017

Mbt Shoes 2017

Mbt Shoes 2017

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